• 24th November 2017 to 2nd February 2018

Series of small square canvas painted front and back

  • 24th November 2017 to 2nd February 2018
Ces séries illustrent  aussi bien le rapport complexe que j’entretiens avec  mes productions que ma fascination pour les constructions urbaines.

Ma pratique s’est développée et a pu murir en étant cadrée par le protocole, que j’ai nommé « l’accident créatif » selon lequel je ne voulais, au démarrage de la toile, avoir aucune idée préconçue de son objet. Je faisais également taire toutes considérations esthétiques (le "beau") en différenciant ces dernières du "ce qui fonctionne".

Il s’agissait pour partie, d’une recherche abstraite autour de la matière et de...
  • 23rd August 2018 to 30th September 2018

Delighted to have three pieces from 2018 Gray's graduate Martin Richens. Noooo! and Vroom have were selected for "best of 2018" show at the Six Foot Gallery in Glasgow. These bold colourful comic pieces are classic Oil on Board.

  • 23rd August 2018 to 30th November 2018
It is 1854 and two converted Men O’ War, H.M.S. Terror and H.M.S. Erebus, under the command of experienced expedition leader Sir John Franklin, enter the northern polar ice in an attempt to find a navigable passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. They know that they will have to over-winter trapped in ice until Spring, when they expect to push through melting ice and find the legendary North West Passage.

134 Officers and men in well-equipped vessels enter the ice pack and virtually disappear. No one ever sees them again, though the local Inuit people, who have no written language, tell...

  • 23rd August 2018 to 30th September 2018

The BlueRoof is delighted to host a small collection of works from aclaimed Glasgow artist Peter Thompson. His work, mostly in oil, depicts a mundanity and sometimes decomposition of man made objects with fascination and life. 

  • 15th June 2018 to 5th August 2018
  • The BlueRoof, on the west side of Oyne, Postcode AB526QT. Has distinctive huge blue Roof.
Stephanie Vandem's lifting series explores themes of resilience, character and classical heroism with the depiction of Highland games athletes.